Do you really need an FTP Client to upload to or download files from your website? No. You can easily connect to an FTP account using Windows Explorer. Here is how. You obviously need your FTP account login information which includes your Username: ( and the Password that was created for the user you are […]

Anyone who wants to earn serious money can do so. Like anything else, to earn money online or offline is quite easy when you know how. When it comes to earning money online, many people feel stuck and make no progress. Is procrastinating the main reason, or is it because they don’t know how? This […]

Here is an article written by Sim Mus and published at Many people interested in making money via internet marketing usually focus on technical aspects such as knowing the hardware, software, jargon and tools they need in order to run a successful internet business. But whether you have decided to make money via internet […]

You might be wondering how to make Flash greeting E-Cards without paying for a special software. Here is how! Use OpenOffice. OpenOffice is an open source software, totally free and includes an impressive set of applications which can be used in your daily and professional life. One of its components is Impress, used to make […]

While designing websites, I came across a marvelous product which allows to make very nice menus. It’s called FameID Flash XML Menu. It is practical, intuitive and easy to insert in any website. What is also important: it is free. Those of you who are interested in giving your webpages an extra professional look can […]

When you install new programs, Windows XP adds them to the end of your ‘All Programs’ menu, rather than inserting them in the correct alphabetical order. So, in your ‘All Programs’ Menu, you might find that, after installing and uninstalling many applications, items appear in a seemingly random order. After some time, it becomes difficult […]

I’ve been struggling for days, trying to start Apache in the Xampp Control Panel on my laptop. I was always getting a message: Busy… Apache started [port 80] At the end, I discovered that my Skype program was configured to use port 80 as an alternative for incoming calls. When I unchecked that option, everything […]

Article marketing is certainly one of the best and cost-effective means to generate more links to your website. You need to write a few quality articles relevant to the topic of your website every month. You have then to submit those articles to major ezine and article submission sites. Obviously, make sure to include your […]