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In my professional life, I have many opportunities to meet a lot of people who are financially struggling and who would like to earn extra money working part time from home. When I tell them that I am involved in internet marketing and that it is possible to earn a decent living by running an […]

In an earlier article, we talked about some elements which are needed to Get Ready To Make Money Online. By the end, we talked about the necessity of setting up a plan. Many newbies in internet marketing are lured to believe that it is easy to make money online. Yes, if you pay attention to […]

Starting an online business requires preparation and planning just as it is for any other business. Sometimes, people are lured into believing that it is easy to make money online. Yes, you can earn money through internet marketing, but you need to follow the rules and avoid some mistakes. First of all, You must first […]

Would you believe that it is possible to get Google ads free and amass a substantial wealth that way? Dr Jon Cohen, a retired New Yourk doctor did it! He developed a secret and legal system to “get Google ads free”. He applied it successfully for a few years. He grossed over $400 millions in […]

My previous article was about the way internet marketers boost their website’s link popularity by placing text links on high ranked websites and I gave an example of a PR5 – Web Directory asondheim.org which specialises in offering permanent high quality and cheap text links.   Today, I am going to share with you my views […]

As I wrote earlier in my previous posts, I attended the World Internet Summit (WIS) last week, from Thursday 15/11/2007 to Sunday 18/11/2007. Wow!!  That has been a FANTASTIC experience. I really am happy to have spent those 4 days with selected gurus of the Internet Marketing. The World Internet Summit is full of opportunities. […]

That is the title of the brilliant presentation made today by Tracy Repchuk at the World Internet Summit 2007 in London. Tracy is the best-selling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” and many people refer to her as the “Quantum Leap Specialist”. During the current World Internet Summit, she talked about the mindset  and […]

What a fantastic day! Since this morning, I attended the World Internet Summit at Earls Court in London (UK). This a 4 days seminar which promises to be really interesting. So far, we have had today 4 speakers: Brett McFall who talked about “Internet ABC’s”, Shaune Clarke who told us about “How To Guarantee You’ll […]