For those who don’t know, Press This is a bookmarklet built into WordPress, that allows you to grab bits of the web and post them easily to your blog. You find it  in Admin > Tools. When you want to use it while surfing the web, you drag-and-drop the link to your browser’s bookmarks bar. That way, you get a handy button for instant blogging without cut and paste.

After installing the Press This button, there are times when  you a 404 error in the Press This window.

To solve that problem, you need to slightly change the javascript used by PressThis. Here is what to do, as described by Blog Mum – WordPress made easy.:

* Right-click the link on your browser bar, and select “properties”.

* You’ll see a long bit of javascript in the location box. Copy that code.

* Paste what you copied into Notepad or TextPad or any another text editor (not Word).

* Find u=‘+e(l.href)+

* Change it to u=’+e(l.href.replace(/\//g,’\\/’))+’

* Copy the whole javascript code again and paste it back into the ‘Press This > properties >’ location.

* Save it. It should work now.


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