I am running XP Pro Sp3.
My HP K7100 Printer stopped working, showing that there was a problem with an ink cartridge. But, as the the printer has 2 ink cartridges (black and color), I didn’t know which one was empty and needed to be replaced. For that, I needed to check the ink levels of each cartridge.
Normally, you check the ink levels of the printer by choosing Printer Preferences, clicking on the Tab ‘Features’ and then clicking on the ‘Printer Services’ button.
When I clicked on the Printer Services button on the preferences screen, a message box was popping up that says “Unable to perform the operation”.
In order to try to solve the problem, I fully uninstalled the printer driver.
I downloaded the latest drivers for the HP K7100 and installed them on the computer.
But the problem was not solved. I was still not able to check the ink levels on the printer. It was frustrating.
I spent time googling for this kind of problem, and somewhere, a user of another type HP printer had written that the Printer Services don’t appear when you have set Firefox as default internet browser.
I set the Internet explorer as default browser, and the problem was solved.
Problem: Cannot open the Printer Services of HP K7100 Printer in order to check ink levels of the cartridges?
Solution: Set Internet Explorer as Default browser.


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