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Many people interested in making money via internet marketing usually focus on technical aspects such as knowing the hardware, software, jargon and tools they need in order to run a successful internet business. But whether you have decided to make money via internet marketing or otherwise, there are relevant key ingredients which are always required in order to succeed. These relate to life principles which lead any individual, any organisation or any business to success.

In our series about wealth creation, we have recently talked about Some Keys to Success: Planning, Confidence and Persistence. Today, I would like to emphasise another key component of a successful journey to success.
Consider this. Many people know that it is cheaper and relatively easier to set up an online business than to run an offline business. Many would like to start an internet business, but they don’t. They hesitate too long. And when you analyse what is holding them back, you notice that they have fear. Fear of failure, which incapacitates so many unsuccessful people.

When Franklin Roosevelt said that “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, he was most basically speaking about fear of failure. Fear of failure is closely related to fear of criticism and fear of rejection.

There are people who actively seek to avoid failure and by doing so, fail to focus on their essential goals. Stumbling on obstacles is not failure. Do not be afraid of obstacles. But understand that only by recognizing those obstacles, you can adjust your paths and finally succeed in your goals. If you are afraid to fail, you will simply become mired in the status quo and you won’t act. If you have fear of failure, you won’t have the courage and determination to start or go ahead. You will spend time worrying about ‘what if I fail’. You will question your plan and find it imperfect. You won’t be able to achieve a fraction of what you are capable of achieving if you are afraid to try or if you are afraid to fail. You will tend to justify your inaction or procrastination by the need of being perfect. In fact, fear of failure is closely related to fear of rejection and to fear of criticism. Spending your energy trying to avoid mistakes is already one of your biggest mistakes. Successful people overcome their fear of failure.

This is so important and needs to be repeated over and over again. You can not be driven by a single-minded determination to avoid failure. Making mistakes is human. So, expect to make them throughout your journey and don’t self-limit yourself.
For too long, people have been fed the ‘win at any cost’ mantra, which divides the world into winners and losers. It is time for us to change that credo. It is time to acknowledge that mistakes are not only human, but that they are also critical ingredients to success. Successful people look at mistakes as outcomes or results, not as failure. Capitalize on your mistakes and missteps and you will reach success.

If you have a vision and are committed to your goals, stumbling on obstacles will not deter you, it will strengthen your resolve. And hopefully, you will end up successfully creating the wealth you want and live the lifestyle you deserve. Hope you use these principles as a foundation for your success in life and, if you so wish, in internet marketing.

About the author: Sim Mus is an Internet Marketer who manages the Internet Marketing and Wealth Creation Portal. Contact him via this portal or via the Web Tips and Tools blog, and he will always be more than happy to share his experience with you.


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