In an earlier article, we talked about some elements which are needed to Get Ready To Make Money Online. By the end, we talked about the necessity of setting up a plan. Many newbies in internet marketing are lured to believe that it is easy to make money online. Yes, if you pay attention to some keys to success, it can be easy.

If you want to succeed in your business, you first need a plan. If you start a project without a plan, you are very likely to fail.

  • Do you have a plan? If you don’t, stop what you are doing and make a plan. Write it down. A plan which is not written down is not a plan really. It is a wish which is likely to be forgotten.
  • Be confident. The concept that, if you’ve had an idea, other people will have it too, can be push you into inaction. Too often, I’ve been delayed in planning and in taking action, because of the fear that my idea might not be original enough. So, I was always trying to have an original idea, an original project. And by the time I had gone through it, I always feared that someone somewhere had got that idea and had probably already done better than I would do. I didn’t want to look ridiculous by advancing a project which had already been better thought through or implemented by someone else. I was always assuming that other people could do it better than I could. And that paralysed me into inaction. I had to try something else… Until I decided to change that habit!
  • As said above, do not jump into a project without any preparation. Make a plan. But don’t spend too much time in planning. You might waste the precious time you need to act on your project efficiently.
  • Don’t complicate things. Just keep your plan simple.
  • Remember that, when you are running a project, everything doesn’t have to be perfect. The reason some people delay action is fear that other people will find their work imperfect and judge them. Don’t aim at being perfect. Aim at doing your very best, every time. You can always improve. You can always tweak something to make it better. As long as you learn from every step or misstep in the process, success is guaranteed.
  • Don’t worry much about what other people will say. Just do your best and look forward. You will fix the imperfections later.
  • For your next project, don’t prepare for hours and days and weeks! Don’t test and test and test until you’re 100% sure everything is perfect. Don’t be tempted to analyse every bit of your project and anxiously wonder how you could improve. Do some preparation and then… Just jump in. And keep going. Persistence is a key element to success.

Follow these principles, and you’ll be surprised how fast you will reach your goals.


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