You might be wondering how to make Flash greeting E-Cards without paying for a special software. Here is how! Use OpenOffice.
OpenOffice is an open source software, totally free and includes an impressive set of applications which can be used in your daily and professional life.
One of its components is Impress, used to make presentations such as those you are used to make with Powerpoint.
Impress has a built-in ability to make Flash (SWF) files.
So, how to create a Flash (SWF) E-Card?
Start  Impress. If you don’t have it already installed on your computer, go to and download OpenOffice. Install it on your computer and you have a free and professional software to make word processing, databases, spreadsheets, presentations and much more.
After installing OpenOffice, start Impress and you are ready to make a slide show, with the messages, pictures, sounds and other contents you want to send to your target public.
When you finish designing your presentation slideshow, all you need to do is go to Export in the file menu, and export your presentation as a Macromedia Flash (SWF) file.
Then you can send it to whoever you want.
I made a Flash Christmas greeting E-card using OpenOffice version 3, with my favourite photos and music, and my friends loved it very much.
For anybody who is a bit creative and wants to send E-cards to friends, colleagues, clients and family members, this is a very good way of showing your talent to those you care about. An opportunity to send customised Flash e-cards to them at any special occasion. What about sending a special E-card today?
Happy New Year 2009.


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