When you install new programs, Windows XP adds them to the end of your ‘All Programs’ menu, rather than inserting them in the correct alphabetical order. So, in your ‘All Programs’ Menu, you might find that, after installing and uninstalling many applications, items appear in a seemingly random order. After some time, it becomes difficult to find a program that may be hidden somewhere in a maze of program folders and files. There is thus a necessity to regularly re-sort the menu items in alphatical order.
So, How to Sort the Windows XP ‘All Programs’ menu by name?
It is very simple:
1. Click “Start” -> “All Programs”.
2. Right-click on any entry in the “All Programs” menu.
3. Choose “Sort by Name”.

The menu items are then displayed in alphabetical order – first the folders in alphabetical order, then individual programs in alphabetical order. This naturally makes it easier to find an application.


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