Website owners have to invest time, energy and money in search engine optimization in order to get a decent ranking in the search engines.
But why focus on heavy search engine optimization when you can get similar results with text link advertising?
Many internet marketers have asked that question and after analysis, have made up their mind.
In fact, buying text links as a rank boosting technique is still today a very hot topic in the internet marketing world. Buying text links can bring results quicker and can work to increase a website’s ranking with the search engines. Invest a few dollars to buy text links, and you might enjoy its benefit very soon. That is why text link ads are still the ranking technique of choice for many website owners.
So, although it is thought by some that search engines tend to avoid giving high weight to paid text links in ranking websites, text link ads are widely used by internet marketers today.
Buying text links is easy and straightforward compared to other SEO methods available, which often require more efforts and a lot of technical expertise.
In fact, savvy internet marketers nowadays buy text links in combination with other search engine optimization – SEO -methods. Their goal is to have a rapid and sustainable growth of their website. They perfectly understand that, in internet marketing, it is not always a matter of choosing one method and rejecting the other. Consistent success comes when you combine various methods and build on their synergetic effect.
So, buy text links, mainly on high ranked websites (see quality and cheap text links website), and, at the same time, do not forget to continue using the other SEO methods to consolidate your results.

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