Yes, you read it right. Tracy did it.
I met Tracy at the last World Internet Summit in London and I was impressed by her success. See my post
When I went to the Summit, I was really asking myself: Can a mother of 3 truly start a business and go from zero to $96,000 in just 3 months?
After listening to her, I shared with the world the impression I had. I am sure many will be inspired by her experience.
Now, Brett McFall from World Internet Summit has just interviewed the woman who’s done it, and what she has to say will completely inspire you.
In her interview, she reveals her secrets revealed on how to go from beginner to be-winner. Take a few minutes and go listen to this right away. It might inspire you too.
Here’s what to do to learn from it immediately:

STEP 1: Go here right
World Internet Summit
STEP 2: Enter your name and email address at the bottom of this short page.
STEP 3: When you reach the next page, scroll half way down the webpage to find the photo and profile of **Tracy Repchuk**.
STEP 4: Click to listen immediately, or download this short interview to your computer.

Tracy will be at the World Internet Summit Australia – March 13-16 and you can meet her in person, together with many other successful Internet Marketers. More information at World Internet Summit.


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