Yesterday, after I sent my New Year’s wishes to Sylvia, a friend of mine, she sent me a message inviting to have a look at her weblog. She also mentioned the existence of a relatively new social networking website called Yuwie which pays people for using it. I was curious and I decided to have a look. I went to the website and watched the whole introductory video message inviting newcomers to join in and explaining the earning potential.Yuwie offers all the features you would expect from any social networking website. What makes Yuwie unique is the fact that it pays its members for using the site. And it is free to join and use.

Yuwie argues that others social networking sites are making an estimated $20 million a month while the users do all the work. Unlike these other sites, Yuwie is ready to share their revenue with the users.

What do you get paid for?

Yuwie pays you for every activity you have on the site such as changing your profile, posting on the blog, uploading picture etc… You get even paid every time another user looks at your profile or reads or watches the content you have created or posted. The revenue sharing rate changes is different every month. On the 15th of each month, Yuwie decides (based on how much they made in the previous month) how much will be given out to each user: an amount that you can track from the ‘earnings’ section of your profile.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you make depends on how much you and your downline (up to 10 levels) interact with the site. The video presents an example of potential earnings based on the 10 levels of referrals and assuming a revenue-sharing rate of $0.50 in a given month and 3 referrals per each person at each level.

Level Nb Referrals Impressions Earnings % Earnings
1 3 3000 10% $0.15
2 9 9000 10% $0.45
3 27 27000 4% $0.54
4 81 81000 4% $1.62
5 243 243000 4% $4.86
6 729 729000 4% $14.58
7 2187 2187000 4% $43.74
8 6561 6561000 10% $328.05
9 19683 19683000 10% $984.15
10 59049 59049000 30% $8,857.35
Tot 88572 88572000   $10,235.49

This concept seems interesting. Many people nowadays are turning to social networking websites such as Facebook or Myspace to make friends and build up their personal or professional networks. Yuwie introduces here a revenue sharing concept which might interest more people. After all, who wouldn’t like to get paid for doing what they are already doing? Making money while making friends. Another source of income streams! If you are as curious as I am, you may have a look by going to Yuwie’s website.


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