Time to Think about HumanityThis time of the year is a special one. It’s Christmas time, followed by the New Year time. It’s time to meet with relatives and friends, enjoy their presence and their warmth, relax and enjoy all kinds of entertainments. Time to send presents; time to receive presents. Time to share. Time to listen. Time to send all kinds of ‘best wishes cards’, and time to receive them from old and new friends. It is a period where everyone is happy to make others happy.

Enjoy and Share at Christmas Time

Sadly, it is a period where some people think more about themselves and immediate families and forget that, somewhere around them, there are people who are suffering and who, due to various reasons, can not enjoy this Christmas – New Year time. There are people who are sick, people who are dying in hospitals, people who are homeless, people who are poor, people who are in war-stricken countries… All those people would like to have their share of peace, relaxation and enjoyment. But circumstances make it difficult for them to celebrate. For them, no Christmas bonanza, no turkey, no wine, no dinner in chic restaurants, perhaps no entertainment… Even no smile on their faces.

Some might think that they can do nothing to bring smile and hope to such brothers and sisters. Some may even think that they have no responsibility in what is happening around them. They act and think selfish, without realising it!

Anyway, I take this opportunity to think about the meaning of all this. If we have to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle, we need to share our joy with other humans around us. Creating wealth is one noble objective. But sharing the benefits of a wealthy lifestyle is important as well.

We are now at the end of year 2007. Next week, we are starting a new year. For many people, it will be time to make new year resolutions. For some, the new goals will be ambitious. For others, they will be survival goals. If only we could look around and include in our resolutions some positive actions which can bring the world closer to peace, humanity and harmony.


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