Last week, a friend of mine Akua sent me an invitation to join her as a friend to Until now, I had thought that facebook was for people younger than me. I am 52, so, what do I do with teenagers and young university students in a social networking portal such as But after receiving the invitation from Akua, I said to myself: why not be curious and try it? You might learn something valuable there. And perhaps facebook is not only for young people, it might be also suitable for more mature people.So, I registered and started surfing around. WOW! What a world? With so many groups and networks, millions and millions of people networking everyday on facebook! Exciting!Just after joining, I got an invitation from a South African lady, Heather, I met at two occasions this year. The first time, I met her in London at the Christopher’s Howards ‘Breakthrough To Success’ Seminar and we had a very interesting chat about our dreams and our commitment to reach financial freedom and sustainable lifestyle. She had then registered with the Wealth Dynamics Seminar and she invited me to a Wealth Dynamics evening some two weeks later. I was pleased to have been at that evening because it reinforced my will and determination of planning and working smart for a better financial future.

Now, I have 2 friends in facebook and I am member of the London group which counts 1,880,936 members. This is the beginning. I will certainly work hard to have more friends with whom I can share views and interests… And if you want to join me, just register at and invite me as your friend.

More on my facebook adventure in next posts.Simeon


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