As I wrote earlier in my previous posts, I attended the World Internet Summit (WIS) last week, from Thursday 15/11/2007 to Sunday 18/11/2007. Wow!!  That has been a FANTASTIC experience. I really am happy to have spent those 4 days with selected gurus of the Internet Marketing. The World Internet Summit is full of opportunities. It is a place where you learn, take action and network with like-minded internet entrepreneurs.
Everyone who is new to Internet marketing should consider attending at least one of these World Internet Summit events. But bear in mind that in this kind of event, it is easy for newbies to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to them in a short time. They have no time to digest the information. They run the risk of feeling lost. That is what some call ‘information overload’. That is why it is essential for people to have the right mindset before going to an Internet marketing event like this. A right mindset ensures that you really enjoy the learning experience during those events and you go back home with decisions and commitment to take action.

So, when you plan to attend the World Internet Summit, be prepared. During the conference, be curious, network, learn and take notes. But the real work comes during the following week. You need to go through your notes, clarify the different concepts and marketing tips you’ve received during the seminar and decide what to do and which information you need to use in order to reach your goals.
Attending the World Internet Summit requires real commitment. As I said, this is a four days event. And for many people, four days is long. This is not for lazy people. This is for people who are ready to do whatever it takes to learn how to make money on the internet in order to improve their lifestyle.
During this conference, I took every opportunity to talk to the speakers and to network with other participants. Some participants have already some experience in internet marketing, many of them have small businesses. There were also many people who are new to internet marketing. What I noticed is that all participants were hungry to learn and many of them took steps further and took the exciting offers presented by the different speakers.

Obviously, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of how people make money online. A seminar like this helps a newbie to have an overview of what is possible and to go home with information which can dramatically speed up his success on the internet. But in order to succeed, an aspiring internet entrepreneur needs to actively pursue the learning process after the event.
In fact, after a 4 days seminar like this World Internet Summit, you need another 4 days to settle and plan for the next course of action. At least, that is what I did. This is my third day after the WIS event and I am still revising the whole experience and planning what I have to do with the information and tips I received about setting up an online business and about internet marketing. I bought a few packages which were on offer and which are meant to help me in my internet business and I am already preparing myself to fully invest my time and in the couple of  programs I subscribed to.
Understanding how other people make money online can help you to tune your own action plan and team up with those who are more advanced than you.

I enrolled to the WIS with the intention of learning how to earn money on the internet. I learned a lot through the large variety of presentation styles. Each speaker has his own style and his preferred way of making money online. We had very talented and enthusiastic speakers, namely Shaune Clarke … Tom Hua … Sean Roach… Brett McFall … Adam Ginsberg … Tracy Repchuk … Ewen Chia …Tim Brocklehurst … Mike Stewart … Alan Forrest Smith … Armand Morin … Rick Raddatz … When the speakers were presenting the various strategies and methods they use in their internet business, I was feeling the urge to buy every program on offer. And I definitely and enthusiastically subscribed to a few interesting and “irresistible” offers.
The World Internet Summit helped me to update my general awareness of how Internet business is conducted today. I’ve learned a lot about up-to-date strategies, tools and techniques used for capturing email addresses, product creation, viral marketing, copywriting, affiliate marketing, niche marketing, ebay selling, social networking etc… I’ll go into details later.

Shall I recommend people to attend the World Internet Summit? Definitely! As I said earlier, this is for everybody a fantastic experience and a great opportunity. Newbies may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information available, but if they are prepared, they’ll know how to filter and use what is appropriate for their current level of experience. If you already have some knowledge on internet marketing and e-business, then the World Internet Summit is for you and you are more likely to boost your performance and to jump to the next level.
I am grateful to have been able to meet those people and to learn from their highly inspiring experiences. I am so excited by this event that I’ll not hesitate to enroll on the next World Internet Summit, if it happens to be organized at a period when I can make myself available.
Simeon Mus


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