That is the title of the brilliant presentation made today by Tracy Repchuk at the World Internet Summit 2007 in London.

Tracy is the best-selling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” and many people refer to her as the “Quantum Leap Specialist”. During the current World Internet Summit, she talked about the mindset  and the internet marketing techniques which help you to get what you want, fast. She started her internet business in September 2006, and within 5 months, she had generated an income of more than $95,000. She is now coaching newbies, helping them to earn money from internet.

During her presentation, she brilliantly talked about how to find your niche, how tu build your list, how to produce your own product, how to generate traffic to your website etc… I do not have time at the moment to go into details. If you want more details about her presentation, please let me know through your comments.

Enjoy whatever you are doing, and ensure that each day brings you closer to your goals.

Simeon Mus. 


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