I Choose To Be Happy…

November 12, 2007 | 3 Comments

Life is full of all sorts of events. People can be extremely happy, very happy, moderately happy, almost happy, …., unhappy.
I’ve read a lot of inspirational books and attended seminars on personal development. One important thing I learned is that you can choose to be happy. Notice that I subtitled my website simusonline.com with “Happy and Rich – It’s Your Choice”.

I do my best to be happy everyday and I have a special song called “I Am Happy” which I created and sing very often to remind me that I have to be happy. I avoid anything which could disturb my happiness, although all the days are not the same.

Yesterday was on of those very happy days. I went to see my first-born daughter who gave birth to my first-born grand-son two weeks ago. I spent time with them, I played with Micah (that’s my grand-son’s name), I sang for him, I talked to him and even if he didn’t reply, I am sure he felt my love and my excitement.
By the way, this morning, I received a mail from my friend Kashonia who wrote was congratulating me and reminded me:”How exciting for you.
And as they always say about grandchildren: you can enjoy them and then go home and leave them with the parents when you get tired
.” And that is what I did…

When I came back in the evening, I received distinguished guests, who had an important message for me. It was the uncle of my daughter’s boyfriend. He wanted to fix a date for his nephew’s official engagement with my daughter. We talked a lot and planned that happy event…
And now, in a few minutes, I am going to work and try to make people happy.
So, me happy, family happy, children happy, boss happy, people happy… the world happy!
Enjoy your day.


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