Welcome, my Friends,

I’ve finally managed to set up this blogging portal.
Shall I tell you how I got the idea? Well…
Last month, precisely on 19/10/2007, I attended the Christopher Howard’s “Ultimate Business Seminar” in London. There were very brilliant speakers, such as the wonderful Christine Comaford-Lynch and the 22 year old multi-millionaire Cameron Johnson…
One of the speakers litterally grabbed my attention and admiration. And that is: Stephen Pierce. He made a really brilliant presentation and while he was busy explaining in details how to earn money via internet,
I started asking myself how I could have this man as a mentor.
I know that choosing a good mentor is one of the most important decisions anybody can make in order to improve his life. I have already a few mentors (I’ll talk about them later), but I was really wanting to be guided by this man and benefit for his experience.
At the end, he introduced his coaching programme. I was so impressed by his achievements and his realistic presentation that I was among the first people to rush to the registration table and pay for his Smart Marketing Coaching programme. Usually, when I go to seminars (and I attend so many since last year), I make a vow not to be lured by speakers into paying their products and services. Before him, other speakers had talked about their amazing experiences and their service offers, and I had successfully resisted the temptation of jumping into their wagon. But when Stephen was talking, an irresistible voice kept telling me that I should make an exception for this one. And I decided to listen to my heart. I filled in the registration form and without hesitation, I produced my American Express card for payment.
After registering, I joined Stephen near the stage where he was talking to a few people. I was so happy to have ‘finally’ found a mentor who would guide me on the path towards financial freedom. I wanted to tell him how much I counted on him. I had a chat with him, asked him a few question, including when are we going to start. He said that somebody would contact me by phone early the following week, and then the programme should start soon after…
I was registered to attend Christopher Howard’s “Ultimate Business Seminar” for all 3 days, but when I arrived home that evening, I made a decision of not going back there the following days, but to stay home and learn as much as I could about Stephen Pierce. I watched his video’s on YouTube, read testimonials, etc, etc…
Three weeks have passed now, and I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to Stephen. When I registered, I was so excited that I really wanted to start the following week… I didn’t know then that he had immediate commitments in Malaysia and that for administrative reasons, it would take them some time before they let us fully access the Coaching programme.
Anyway, I didn’t waste my time: after reading the initial step by step information on how to set up an internet business, I understood the importance of blogging and joining community networks. A few years ago, I registered my domain name simusonline.com. I used it to promote some affiliate programmes which, for various reasons, didn’t bring any cash in my pocket. At the end, I was not even maintaining it or consistently promoting any product or service.
So, yesterday, I made a firm decision of restructuring www.simusonline.com and using it as a blogging portal.
And today, I did it. I installed WordPress and here I am: blogging, using my own blogging website.
PS. I still have to talk to Stephen and discuss with him about my plans. I count on him as mentor to be available and guide me on ‘HOW’ to do things in order to get RESULTS. And one thing is sure now: This end of year 2007 is for me and my family, the critical turning point in our lives.
If the content of this website can inspire you in one way or another and incite you to take decisions to improve your lifestyle, then I will have reached one of my goals.
Please, do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions, or contact me personally when necessary.
Wishing you a wonderful life,
<Happy and Rich – It’s Your Choice!>


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